Chemical Patination

Lift Doors & Openings

Chemical Patination of Lift Doors and Openings

Bronze Restorations Consultancy has been involved in the lift industry for more than 3 decades. We specialise in on and off site restoration.
Through Laurence’s accreditation he is often commissioned to carry out surveys of Listed Buildings which are undergoing Change of Use and thus through his knowledge and experience he is able to guide the client through the process of Listed Building Consent.

Historic Lifts

Our involvement in historic lifts and openings include the Bank of England Threadneedle Street, 55 The Broadway, Harrods Department Store, Selfridges and The Old Bailey. Many of these lifts are from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau period and are classic in their design. Over time they are often upgraded such as new COP panels and call plates are commissioned and the lift cars are refurbished within a scheme of modernisation but keeping true to their original design often through Listed Building Consent and we are able to match the original finishes.


On the contemporary side we patinate the following alloys Brass, Gilding Metal, PB102 and Steel. These finishes may be sealed with either a wax or lacquer and more recently in the last 12 months we have produced finishes, but not limited to, to the following projects 200 Hammersmith Road, 18 Dover Street, Earlsfort Terrace Dublin, 41 Montpelier Place, Baileys Hotel and Camp Road but to name a few. Throughout all of these projects we are able to evolve and diversify our patinations and some are completely unique and bespoke to that building.

Over the years we have perfected our lacquer. It is natural in its appearance and feel and we are able to vary the sheen levels. We have several products available to us. The lacquers are durable, they give the lift installer the advantage during installation and we may guide you through this process. All items that leave our works are wrapped and packed for transportation. We are able, if asked, to give guidance in handling.

Our Experience in Chemical Patination

We work for all of the major lift companies. Our experience and knowledge and more importantly our reputation makes us the number 1 company in the UK. Our turnaround is second to none. We patinate hundreds of lift openings a year. Some of our larger schemes are 60 to 80 lift openings with 6 to 8 lift cars. We have an in-house system for quality control and we are proud of the quality of work we produce.

Over the past 30 years we have developed our patinations. Many have evolved as part of a one-off scheme and have now transformed to more mainstream; on the contemporary style Metropolitan which was used more famously at Sea Containers House. Our other contemporary finishes are Black Florentine and Black Florentine with Lines and are some of the most popular in our range however the BMA the classic patination is ever enduring. Our work is also exported on a regular basis.

If we can help you in any way during the design stage we may produce samples and help you within consultation as many designers draw upon other features within the building/lift lobbies such as speedlanes, receptions desks, skirting and lighting as an overall theme.

Where You Will Find Us

Our team of bronze maintenance experts and their vans can be seen almost every day in London’s West End and in other important shopping districts in London, such as Kensington and Knightsbridge.  We have recently updated our fleet as we are ever aware of our commitment to the environment.  Our staff are trained and have CSCS, PASMA and First Aid certification.  We have also negotiated an annual pavement licence for many of our sites within the West End. To find out how we can help you with bronze maintenance or bronze restoration contact our experts for help and advice today.